In 2016, Adventurer Thor F. Jensen and local fisherman Job Siyae, will attempt the first ever recorded circumnavigation of New Guinea, in a traditional sailing canoe. Thor will learn to live and travel like the Melanesians have done for centuries, and share the entire experience live on social media.

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An epic voyage of 6500 kilometres and six months.

The adventure will launch in start of August 2016, in Milnebay, Papua New Guinea. The wind and currents will favor a counterclockwise route and bring the canoe round Indonesian, West Papua, before crossing back to PNG, as the typhoon season sets in.

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Back to Basics – expedition style.

Inspired by the Melanesian canoe travellers, that is believed to have populated the island 3000 -3500 years ago, Thor and Job will complete the circumnavigation by using the resources available locally. This way, they not only honor the Melanesian legacy, but also demonstrating that you don’t need flashy garments and hightech gear to embark on an amazing adventure.


Support the adventure

Although Thor and Job will be living mainly of fish and fruits, they’ll still need some cash to make it all the way around the island. Any contribution is of great value!

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