“We’re attempting the world’s first circumnavigation of the island of New Guinea in a traditional sailing canoe. Using only local resources and determination”.


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Record Attempt

Danish Adventurer Thor F. Jensen and three Papua New Guinean sailors will attempt the first ever recorded circumnavigation of New Guinea, by traditional sailing canoe.  Job Siyae, Sanakoli and Justin John are some of Milne Bay’s best sailors, they will teach Thor  to live and sail like the Melanesians have done for centuries. The entire experience will be shared live on social media:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


6500 kilometres in 6-12 months.

The adventure launched on the 30th of August 2016, from the Tawali Resort in Milnebay Papua New Guinea. The wind and currents will favor a counterclockwise route and bring the canoe round Indonesian West Papua, before crossing back to PNG, just before the typhoon season sets in.

UPDATE: The canoe is now on land in Bula, the first coastal village in PNG’s Western Province. Here the trio will take a break from the expedition as June and July is the most dangerous time for sailing the exposed coastline of the Gulf of Papua.

Back to Basics – expedition style.

Thor and the crew will complete the circumnavigation by relying on resources available locally. This way, they not only gain a deeper understanding of how life is lived on the island of New Guinea in the 21st. century, but also demonstrating that you can achieve great dreams for few means – as long as your project is driven by perseverance and passion.


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Photo curtesy - Paulkerrison.com

The crew: Justin John, Thor F Jensen and Sanakoli John. Photo curtesy – Paulkerrison.com


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