Hiking on the Azores

Opdag verden

I’ve written an article for the Danish outdoor magazine Opdag Verden (Nr.49.) About hiking in the Azores. I reached the Azores after 16 days at sea, crossing over from the Caribbean. we spend about a month there exploring the different islands. For the magazine I have written about a overnight hike i did on Sao Miguel, and also written about climbing the volcano on Pico. I would strongly recommend anybody to discover these magical islands in the middle of the Atlantic.



Winter paddle to Stevns


(Turrapporten findes kun på engelsk)

On the 5th of January I launched for a 8 day kayak trip to the limestone walls south of Copenhagen. The winter cold hadn’t really kicked in yet (2° or 32F), but a serious low pressure in the Northsea created some heavy winds. The purpose of the trip was to enjoy life and acquire some cold weather experience. On the trip I would also make a couple of videos. The video part would allow me to test some different techniques for future expedition filmmaking. Here you can read my daily entries posted on Facebook. In the bottom of the page I’ll share some thoughts on what this trip taught me and what mistakes I made. You can read the full article here. (only available in english)

Unboxing my new Skim Kayak

Got my new Pro Paddler Kayak from Finland this morning. The model name is Differ, it’s a bit longer than my Dex, which makes it faster with increased loading capacity. Furthermore has Skim Kayaks been so kind to place the bulkhead 10 cm closer to the feet, which gives even more storage room and less water to empty out of the cockpit – the perfect vessel for my future adventures! Look out for a throughout review in the nearest future.


This is it, the last saltwater injection. El gran finale!

Our two heroes face the trips biggest challenge: a 38km crossing the Bornholms gat. A body of water that is notoriously know for its bad weather and unpredictable seas, where huge tankers plow trough – day and night.

So pull up your sleeves and expose all those blurred out tattoos that have been inflicted by charlatans in doubtful parlors on long forgotten shores, and brace yourself for the last saltwater injection.


There’s only 38 km’s to go, but a bad weather keeps the two heroes weather locked. Days are spend surfing and exploring, but they realize that the weather gods must be called upon if they ever are to complete the quest.



The storm has been ripping the tent all night. and the sea is still rough as our two heroes sets out on a 29 km crossing. But they are running low on water and Kay is fighting to keeping the kayak on track. Yeiks!


Third episode

My ol’ outdoors friend Frederik Teige is an excellent musician, and he has been so kind to compose some paddling music for this episode. So crank up the volume and turn off the lights, this is gonna get dark and hazy.

In the Log you can learn about the fog and Italian cooking