Thor sorthvid beskåret

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Personal story

From Roof Thatcher, to award-winning Filmmaker…
Traditional Danish thatched roofing is a discipline of hard work and old traditions.
I loved the outdoors and took pride in my work, but it never entirely satisfied my creative gifts.

Off work, I would practice my artistic passion – Street Art.
When I started at the age of 12, I was determined to become one of the best streetartist in Copenhagen. At 21, I had reached my goal, by being persistent and innovative.
Today my work still inspires new generations.

Seeking new adventures, I moved to Venezuela.

Here I worked two years in a travel company. I loved sharing my knowledge and guiding tours for students and VIP’s. I developed courses in jungle survival, and trained new guides.

But my creative ambitions still weren’t fulfilled.
I traveled through Asia, crossed the North Atlantic and worked as an Illustrator.

During 2012, high in the Bolivian Andes, I met and worked with famous Artist and Shaman Gaston Ugalde and realized, that the medium of film could unite everything i love: Art, nature, people, adventure, and storytelling.

This realisation set me on a path, to a new goal: To make the best adventure film in the world.

Consequently THORDOX PRODUCTIONS was born.

– Documentaries
– Promotional videos
– Illustrations


– Film production in harsh environments
– Graphic Facilitation
– Presenting


– Articles
– Videos
– Public Speakering
– Film Consultation


– Best Danish Adventure Film 2013 – DAFF Awards
– Best Action Sport Film 2015 – DAFF Awards
– Kayaked 1200km. around Denmark
– Sponsored sea kayaker

Currently employed at Aalborg University, developing business model narration, in collaboration with some of the leading researchers in this field.

In August 2016. I’ll attempt to become the first, to circumnavigate New Guinea by traditional sailing canoe.
And Share the entire experience on social media.


Thor guiding a four day jungle hike to the Angel Falls in Venezuela. Photo: Katie Stephenson.