Featured in The Jakarta Post

The Danish Embassy in Indonesia invited Thor F. Jensen to do a series of speaks. This inspired The Jakarta Post to write a feature on the expedition and Salt Water and Spear Tips. 

Read the feature story in The Jakarta Post

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Three Speaking Events Hosted by the Embassy of Denmark in Jakarta.

The Danish Embassy in Indonesia/Papua New Guinea has generously invited me to Jakarta to speak about our world record expedition around New Guinea.

I am grateful for the opportunity to help strengthen the relationship between Denmark and Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

There will be a three events, where of one is open to the public, free admission! See the flyer below:

Facebook Page Name Change

Facebook Page World’s First Circumnavigation of New Guinea by Sailing Canoe
changes name to Thor F. Jensen

Ohoi friends, 

Exciting update on The World’s First Circumnavigation of New Guinea by Canoe page! The name of the page is changing to Thor F. Jensen, this way I can keep you updated on all my current adventures and projects. 

This definitely isn’t the last you’ll hear of our great circumnavigation, in fact, soon the book Salt Water and Spear Tips will be published and you can sign up for a signed copy here http://eepurl.com/dI51Oz . A film is also in the works and I’m launching ThorStore – an online shop featuring my adventure designs: thorstore.dk 

My website Thordox.dk has also been changed to thorfjensen.com to make it easy for everyone.

Thanks for the ongoing support,


ThorStore Opening

Dear friends and followers, I have opened an online store named ThorStore and I want you to take part in the celebration. Right now you can get 15% off your first order. Just type the code: ThorStore15 at checkout or follow this link: https://thorstore.dk/discount/ThorStore15

One of many humorous adventure designs at ThorStore.dk

The idea for this store came when I realised I needed an online platform where I could offer my up coming expedition book. Further more, I have long wanted to design apparel and art that reflects the sensation of being outdoors – Something you can enjoy at home, while rejoicing memories from old adventures or gathering inspiration for new outdoor pursuits.  

Having kayaked around Denmark and produced two award winning sea kayaking films, I thought it logic to start by creating a line of Sea kayaking apparel, mugs and posters. And soon there’ll be an expedition line coming up.

If you want to keep updated on new products and offers, then follow me on facebook or sign up for my newsletter.

Happy shopping 


Video from Australia

What has Thor been up to the past year, living in a boathouse in Australia?

Expedition Book: Salt Water and Spear Tips

Expedition book to be published in 2019

The upcoming expedition book titled Salt Water and Spear Tips: The World’s First Circumnavigation of the Island of New Guinea in a Traditional Sailing Canoe, is authored by Thor F. Jensen with editorial assistance by Cultural Consulting and under contract with UK based Pegasus Publishers.

To secure an author-signed first edition of the book please click here:  http://eepurl.com/dI51Oz

Or visit the book website: Saltwaterandspeartips.com

Danish Speaking Tour – Spring 2019

Visuelt foredrag ved Thor F. Jensen

Book en eventyrlig fortælling til klubaften i sejlklubben, eller inspirer dine kollegaer med et motiverende foredrag.  Her er et ekstraordinært eventyr I sent vil glemme.

Skriv på thor@thordox.dk og få et uforpligtende tilbud på et foredrag, der passer til netop jeres behov.

Læs mere om foredraget: Link

The World’s First Circumnavigation of the Island of New Guinea in a Traditional Sailing Canoe

From left: Sanakoli John, Thor F. Jensen, Justin John and Job Siyae.

The canoe Tawali Pasana is now resting on the beach on Dawson Island the home of master sailor Justin John.

A documentary film about the voyage is being produced and an expedition book, Salt Water and Spear Tips is in the making.

Read more about the expedition here.